"Only if you never choose music as a career" is what Umair's father said to him as he reluctantly agreed to buy him a guitar. Years later, Umair's life began to revolve around the instrument, and music became an integral part of his life.

In May of 2011, at the age of 16, Umair joined his first popular band, Overload, after Farhad Humayun saw one of his videos on YouTube. Umair defines this experience as a crucial factor in his choice of profession years later. Since joining Overload, he has worked with well-established pop artists such as Junaid Khan (Call the Band) and Ali Noor (Noori).

In 2012, Umair moved to Toronto to study audio engineering. However, in accordance with his family's wishes, he shortly dropped out to complete a degree in Finance. After reassurance that working in a cubicle is not his calling, in 2017, he decided to pursue a career in music and is finally ready to share what he's been chasing all of his life.